Intersections of Cosmos

EXHIBITION DATES: 8th December from 6-8pm

Yoshihiko Tsutsumi, a Tokyo-based Japanese artist rooted in the vibrant atmosphere of Ginza, transcends conventional artistic boundaries, seamlessly navigating 2D, 3D, and installation mediums. Influenced by the immersive environment of his uncle’s cinema billboard painting atelier in Kumamoto, Japan, Yoshihiko draws inspiration from the captivating interplay of colors and dripping marks on the studio floor.


Art Consultancy

XVA offers art consultancy services, providing expert consultancy and full project management for companies and individual requirements in art.

We offer expert curatorial advice in site- specific commissions and art rotations for rented or loaned work. We specialize in all aspects of installation arrangement, exhibition planning, art acquirement and collection management. We co-ordinate art handling and transportation, and offer our services in the installation of art. We offer our services to clients with projects of any size.

XVA Café

Offering a range of Middle Eastern inspired vegetarian options served in any of the three shaded courtyards.
Since XVA Café opened it has been hailed as “Dubai’s best kept secret”, serving freshly prepared vegetarian food. Be transported back to a simpler time with a signature mint lemonade in the traditional courtyard, serenaded by the rustle of leaves and light chirping of birds. XVA Café is open from 7 am to 10 pm everyday.
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