Huma Shoaib


Significantly influenced by sufi ideologies, Huma’s work visually rests as serene and meditative in parallel to the disturbing questions of division and social hierarchy arising from them. Interchangeably, sufi teachings are generally identified as highly individualistic and harmonius practices while being on the contrary. Observing the sporadic existence of dervish from the rise of sufism centuries ago,having taken a vow of selfless love and distancing from the norms of society, they were and until now are deemed as controversial figures. Their presence brings uneasiness in social settings and questions the elaborate ways of the tediously complicated belief system. Similar to the silent uneasiness she tends to achieve through her practice.

Manifesting creatures like bees, birds and fish as symbols for their inter-religious references, geo-location and life cycle.Trying to simplify ornate and complex geometric drawings and treat them with fluorescent colors that are industrially made and artificial in nature. Implying the need of beliefs becoming more synthetic and fabricated rather than being the innate desire to be spiritual and organic. Consistently moving between these ideas the imagery stands as a metaphor and holds a multitude of meaning. Actions like shredding and restructuring pages from history books, reducing words from letters to dots (nuqta). Coming forth as a process of unlearning a plethora of information being fed over a period of time. In totality Huma’s practice melts down to a consistent effort in breaking down or simplifying the complexity of fabricated information into the importance of one single entity. One minimal existence that contains all.
Huma is a graduate of Fine Arts from The National college of Arts Lahore, Pakistan. She has shown her works regularly with Tashkeel’s annual shows and renowned galleries like XVA and The Foundry in Dubai.


Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA), National College of Arts, Lahore Pakistan

Selected Exhibitions

2021: Into the Revolution, curated by Morrow collective at Foundry Downtown, Dubai UAE.

2021: Solstice at XVA, Dubai UAE

2021: Made in Tashkeel 2021 at Tashkeel, Dubai UAE

2021: Genesis, online NFT show curated by Morrow collective, Dubai UAE

2021: “Silent Confabulations” solo show at XVA gallery, Dubai UAE

2021: The world is too much with us Curated by Anna Seaman at Alliance
Française and Dubai sustainable city, Dubai UAE

2020: Wolftone at XVA curated by Anna Seaman, Dubai UAE

2019: Made in Tashkeel at Tashkeel Dubai UAE

2018: Made in Tashkeel at Tashkeel Dubai UAE

2013: Traveling bear show curated by Clara Gebran XVA, Dubai UAE

2011: Mater bin Lahej gallery Dubai UAE

2006: National annual show Alhamra gallery Lahore Pakistan

2005: VM art gallery Karachi Pakistan

2005: Nairang gallery Lahore, Pakistan

2004: Degree show National college of arts Lahore, Pakistan