Pom Mullan



Pom was born and raised in the UK. She’s currently residing in Dubai but has travelled extensively during her many years here. Her practice draws on her experience working with clay both as a teacher and artist. Her main inspiration is organic form, particularly coral forms experienced during scuba diving.

Pom studied for a B.A. (Hons) degree in 3D design at West Surrey College of Art & Design (WSCAD) in Farnham, Surrey. She specialized in Ceramics working in hand built and wheel thrown forms. She has honed her skills by teaching secondary school students (11 to 18 years) for many years in both the UK and Dubai.


I am fascinated by the weird and wonderful organic forms that are growing in the many coral reefs on the seabed. It’s home to such delicate, unexpected and diverse shapes of plants and animals. I want my work to reflect and pay homage to this fragile underwater landscape and hopefully draw attention to its value to all living beings.

When I first dived in the Red Sea off the shores of Egypt I was stunned by the contrast of the rocky, barren land formations with the vibrant and exciting wonderworld under the sea. The title of my works ‘Sea Wonders’ represents how inspired I felt with the endless possibilities to reflect these forms.

I spent several years experimenting with different clays and mixes eventually discovering porcelain paper clay. I blend pure white porcelain with pureed soft bathroom tissue which allows me to utilize numerous inventive and experimental techniques. This more versatile material can be rolled, pinched, sliced, piped, cut, sculpted and even poured while in slip form. The pieces are high fired to 1,260 degrees centigrade during which the paper burns away and the clay will often subtly change, twist and firm to become pure white and semi translucent.