Oussama Garti



Oussama Garti, Born in Rabat, is a Moroccan architectural designer and artist trained at the Architectural  Association in London.  

Fascinated by the infinite amount of similarities between macro and micro elements around him, Garti  explores the idea of perception and works with an extensive research to produce his work. 

His environment and observations fuel his creative process. He also uses numerous tools to explore  remote locations and builds a digital library of natural textures in different scales. 

He magnifies “moments” and celebrates their complexity on his canvas. With his immersive work,  Oussama Garti takes us on a journey full of poetry and lyricism. 

His latest body of work, “Ripples” came after a series of small studies exploring the strong interrelation  between emotions and movement. He then questions the abstract spaces generated with every motion  and chain reaction that comes after it as he stretches fabric on top of his canvas before freezing it. 

Oussama is also the co-founder of INTERVAL, a non-profit cultural initiative that aims to widen access  to art, invite different actors to debate around a range of topics, and support projects with high social  impact in the MENA region. 

In the past year, some of his exhibitions include; Galerie Joseph (Paris), Galerie Gismondi (Paris), Maria  Bernard SS19 (PFW), Bargehouse (London), Bastide du Roy (Antibes), AA (London), IM(pulsion)  (Casablanca). He was also part of the French Telethon (AFM) with Galerie Drouot.