Wish Tree

Naz Shahrokh, March 3 – May 3 2019

(The Sacred Space Between the No Longer and the Non Yet)

Naz Shahrokh

Vernissage: March 16, 6 – 9pm
Exhibition Dates: March 3 – May 3 2019

XVA Gallery is pleased to announce Wish Tree (The Sacred Space Between the No Longer and the Non Yet) an installation by Naz Shahrokh. The installation will be housed in one of the XVA courtyards and will run alongside an exhibition and installation by Halim Al Karim, in another courtyard, and a two person exhibition by Samira Abbassy’s and Imran Channa, located in the gallery space.

The exhibitions will open with a reception for the artists on March 16, 2019, from 6pm – 9pm. It will coincide with the opening of the Sikka Art Fair in Al Fahidi.

Wish Tree (The Sacred Space Between the No Longer and the Non Yet), 2019

Approx. 5000 collected materials in plastic bags and string. Dimensions variable.

The work explores the ancient practice of the Wish Tree. This ritual has been explored by many cultures and in many forms where a tree is selected which serves as a wishing well from the coming-from-ness of healing, seeking, and/or communicating with the universe.

The objects in this work have been collected for some time and vary from personal subjective items that reflect my existence with each reminiscent of a specific moment. Like a diary, these items tell a story of a time past and from the no longer to the non-yet. The majority of objects and notes have been donated by individuals and constitute part of the collective. Messages are written in form of wishing and sharing.

I hope viewers experiencing this work will add to this journey, by adding their own reflections, as I believe we are all interconnected.