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May 23rd – June 22nd, 2023
‘Appearance’ explores the intrinsic essence of the artist’s vision and the experiences which led to the creation of these vessels. Katia Al Tal uses resin as her chosen medium to create her ethereal sculptures embodying the organic nature of her creative process.
March 11th – April 13th, 2023
I believe that visual art is an important medium to make people see and perceive the truth. I tried to express my thoughts, feelings of peace and the love of humanity in a different colorful perspective.
February 24th – March 31st, 2023
Enheduanna's Letter encompasses portraits of sentimental letters hidden in the orbits of history, sent from Priestess Enheduanna to all exiled souls in the new world. Enheduanna's letter urges the exiled souls to prove a disjunction between historical events and the way they are ultimately recalled. Reinterpreting iconic art works and undermining traditional conceptual, and cultural boundaries of human history increases our ability to empathize and connect with our exiled souls.
January 25th – March 6th, 2023
The land is our home. All the land on Earth is a gift to us received at birth, so taking care of it is both a privilege and a necessity. Regeneration, reforestation, composting, and recycling, among other actions, should be on the priority list of every human being. Healthy soils lead to healthy plants, including trees, and a nourishing environment.