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December 8th, 2023
Yoshihiko Tsutsumi, a Tokyo-based Japanese artist rooted in the vibrant atmosphere of Ginza, transcends conventional artistic boundaries, seamlessly navigating 2D, 3D, and installation mediums. Influenced by the immersive environment of his uncle's cinema billboard painting atelier in Kumamoto, Japan, Yoshihiko draws inspiration from the captivating interplay of colors and dripping marks on the studio floor.
October 21st – November 30th, 2023
Nature is the raw material of Elizabeth Dorazio, an artist who adopted drawing as a means of expression. Handmade paper, reused wood, textile fibers serve as a support for images that the artist composes from a vast repertoire collected from scientific publications and the internet, images of manifestations from nature - observable or intelligible.
September 7th – October 19th, 2023
The use of line has always been the constant within art. Whether it be employed as the protagonist of the work or the tool used to uncover the subject matter, lines have been an ever present element, dictating the depths and layers of a composition. “Moving Art” examines what it means to create a dynamic work of art and capture a movement. How does an artwork come to life? How does it capture the audience’s attention and carry it through the work to tell a story?
June 24th – September 7th, 2023
Being it an allegory itself, summer represents and ultimately embodies abundance. For instance in nature, summer is when flowers and all beings come to life. Similarly for us humans, summer is when all positive feelings surface allowing for a better appreciation of everything we do. An overall positive emotional and psychological seasonal response grants us the ability and forsite to experience our environment with more grounding. To this effect, A Summer Allegory aims to encompass this summer’s glamour through a selection of artists, forms and subject matter. An overall connubium of colour, expression and medium.
May 23rd – June 22nd, 2023
‘Appearance’ explores the intrinsic essence of the artist’s vision and the experiences which led to the creation of these vessels. Katia Al Tal uses resin as her chosen medium to create her ethereal sculptures embodying the organic nature of her creative process.
March 11th – April 13th, 2023
I believe that visual art is an important medium to make people see and perceive the truth. I tried to express my thoughts, feelings of peace and the love of humanity in a different colorful perspective.