Mukesh Shah, November 06 - 16, 2019

Mukesh Shah

Exhibition Dates: November 06 – 16, 2019

Mukesh Shah

B. 1959 Aden, Yemen. Lives Dubai, UAE.

Mukesh Shah is a multi-disciplinary visual artist whose practice is a dialogue between contemplative abstraction focused on materiality and language-based works that explore contemporary issues.

Shah (British Indian; b.1959 in Aden, Yemen) lives and works in Dubai, having previously lived in London after a childhood in Bombay. He has an MA from the University of Cambridge.

‘In the past decade a series of big issues have emerged to define our times; we see demonstrations taking place somewhere every day. Interestingly, in a digital age, graffiti and slogans on placards remain the expressive tools of choice in the public space.

PLAYLIST uses the powerful relationship between text and image to explore this zeitgeist. Each reductive work follows a vertical 4 line format and is restricted to 14 characters or less with no line exceeding 5 characters.

The project began in 2016 when, like many, I got hooked on the news cycle and could not let go. The resulting slogans have become a kind of playlist.’

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