In the time of China Silk I’m remembering my previous life .

” When I was singing for Ishtar in Babylon, playing with the Lions in Assyria, drinking milk and breathing elixir of love under the shade of palm trees in the palace of king Sargon of Akkad, when I was planning for a journey to search for immortality with King Gilgamesh of Uruk, and playing flute for my Anunnaki ancestors in Sumer ”, the subconscious have always been chasing and urging me to escape the monotony of reality into the depths of my troubled soul and my lost memory in order to re-communicate with my spiritual existence in the hidden worlds .

I take a great interest in how history and lost memory shapes the understanding of our being in the hidden worlds, how it’s shaped by the contradictions that our existence poses between two realities .

In the process of remembering, a point is reached at which lost memory and history intersect, and it is this intersection that I’m trying to explore and present through my work and wondering if it is the appropriate passage to re-communicate with our first spiritual existence in the hidden worlds.

– Halim Al Karim