Mukesh Shah, November 6th to December 18th, 2021

“It is a truism to observe that a cascade of big issues now dominates our lives. Social media, TV, radio and print scream dystopian stories at us 24/7. We are suffering far less than in the past from war, disease or famine but we are always in crisis and in a constant state of anxiety. Crowds hold up placards somewhere every day as civil protest remains a vital democratic tool for people to have their say. 
 These artworks reflect the zeitgeist of an era.” – Mukesh Shah
 The artist’s solo show at XVA Gallery is titled C?N U FEEL IT after his first monograph published by Akkadia Press this year. It showcases Shah’s insightful work, where he paints a thousand pictures with his created slogans, proving the extent to which words are capable of conveying the dystopian reality of this age.