Ancient Egyptian Mysteries by Rasha Mansour

Date – Saturday, 6th April

Time – 11:30am to 12:30pm
Place – XVA Gallery

Osiris Ruling.
Osiris Slain.
Osiris Risen

Learn about the principles of Osiris, Son of Goddess of the Sky and God of the Earth and the first Divine King of Egypt.

The myth and sacred history of Osiris holds at its heart the deepest mysteries of spiritual attainment. The connections of his teachings across various beliefs in Western Consciousness is fascinating…to say the least.

Learn how to rise to the point of sovereignty through another union with the self first and then the other.

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Express Yourself Through Art - Art Classes

Join us at XVA Gallery for art classes with Elizabeth Dorazio!

Schedule –

Friday, 05.04.24 from 10am-12pm
Saturday, 06.04.24 from 3pm-5pm
Friday, 12.04.24 from 10am-12pm
Saturday, 13.04.24 from 3pm-5pm
This workshop will help you develop your observation through experimenting with a range of media, including drawing and painting.

By expressing yourself you will explore new ways of seeing through the line, using light shade and proportion, and will create your one composition.

Classes are going to be illustrated through great masters and their masterpieces.

The classes welcome all age groups and the drawing materials are included.

Ancient Egyptian Mysteries by Rasha Mansour for Children

Date: Every Saturday
Time: 10:30-11am
Place – XVA Gallery

These weekly classes are for children aged 9 to 12 and takes them through the magic of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

They take the children through the Nile River Valley and all the different pyramids, temples and palaces & tombs.

They will see beautiful paintings and carvings with each class touching on different stories of different pharaohs and everything any Little Archeologist would be mesmerized by.