Tor Seidel


Documenting the UAE’s growth and diversity in an open narrative, Seidel maintains an accurate record of one country’s astounding progress whilst allowing humor and staged scenarios to permeate his work. What makes Seidel’s practice truly special is the way in which he has embraced the United Arab Emirates without exploiting the idea of perfection. He explores the brusqueness of architectural space and the beauty of discontinuity, creating work as diverse as the country itself.


1989 University of the Arts, Berlin, Germany.
1990 – 1997 MA, Philosophy, Archeology, Culture & Art History, Degree: Magister Artium in Philosophy, Free University Berlin, Germany.

Selected Exhibitions

2016 Just a Look, XVA Gallery, Dubai, UAE.
2016 Kunst am Spreeknie, Berlin, Germany.
2016 New editions, Galerie Photo-Edition, Berlin, Germany.
2015 Going Global, Museum of Modern Art, NY, USA.
2015 The Dubai, Kühlhaus Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2015 The Dubai, Courtyard Gallery, Dubai, UAE.
2015 Tableaus, Pro Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE.
2014 Good, Let Art Work Gallery, Pune, India.
2014 F. Tableaus, Art Centre, Helsinki, Finland.
2014 Contrast – Seen & Unseen, Ajman, UAE.
2013 Tableaus, Kunstauktion Berlinische Galerie, Berlin, Germany.
2014 Hermetically, J+A Gallery, Dubai, UAE.
2014 Q FASHION WEEK, Daimler Benz.
2013 Fabricalove, Fabrica, Edition Leitstand, Treviso, Italy.
2012 Artist Talk, Active Rooms.
2012 Tableaus, MDF Gallery, UF6 Projects.
2012 Active Rooms MDF, Gal. Cubus-M Berlin, Germany.
2012 Identity, The Empty Quarter, Dubai, UAE.
2012 Tableaus, Gallery Lux, Berlin, Germany.
2012 Tableaus, Gallery Weekend.
2012 Gallery Friedmann-Hahn.
2012 Nomadics Supermarkt Berlin, Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2012 Tristesse Deluxe.
2012 New Editions Gallery.
2012 Photo-Edition Berlin, Germany.
2011 Song to the Siren, Photo-Edition Berlin, Germany.
2011 Der Schmerz der Archivare, Galerie Berlin Weekly, Berlin, Germany.
2010 Tableaus Galerie “Im Namen des Raumes“, G.S. Berlin – 1989, Goethe-Institut, Wladiwostok. Berlin – 1989, Wladiwostok.
2010 AUT Innsbruck (AUS).
2009 D.A.Z. Berlin. D.A.M. F.a.M. DA! Architektur in Berlin, Germany.
2009 Pecha Kucha Vol.13 Berlin, Germany.
2008 Röntgenportrait, Photokina Köln, Cologne, Germany.
2007 Röntgenportrait, Altana Galerie, Dresden, Germany.
2006 Röntgenportrait, Kupferstichkabinett Dresden, Germany.
2006 Wissenschafts-Forum Frankfurter Buchmesse, Germany.
2005 Lost in Translation, Periferia, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
2005 Röntgenportrait, Medizinhistorisches Museum Charité Berlin, Germany.
2005 Röntgenportrait, Science et Cité, Zürich, Switzerland.
2005 Röntgenportrait, Buch, Germany.
2004 My New House, Palast der Republik, Berlin, Germany.
2003 Röntgenportrait, Festspielhaus Dresden-Hellerau, Germany.
2003 Goethe-Institut, Khabarovsk, Russia.
1997 Siberia, Moscow, Warsaw, Budapest.
1993 Werksgelände diff. cities in Germany.

Art Fairs

2015 Book Launch, Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE.
2013 Art Paris, The Empty Quarter, Dubai, UAE.
2012 Context Art Miami, Tableaus, Galerie Cubus-M, Miami, FL, USA.
2009 Art Fair 21, Cologne, Germany.
2008 Art Athina, Athens, Greece.