Katia Al Tal



Born in 1970 Amman, Jordan

“When in the presence of ancient knowledge and at your most raw, fluidity is achieved. Our outer layers are shed and we are only left with the truth of our existence. We are transcendent beauty and elegance that permeates our spirit into serenity and balance.”
The Oneness Of Being,
Katia Al Tal
A sculptor at heart, it came naturally to Al Tal to work with clay and produce Nuwa Creations ceramics; a series of practical everyday objects that are pure of colour and line; delicate but sturdy and completely sculptural.

Al Tal’s work is a mixture of art and aesthetic that is multi functional, decorative and, above all, creative, resulting is great appreciation from a wide range of consumers.

Her creations are found in both private collections, as well as Museums and art galleries. Due to their functionality as household pieces these works of art are capable of pleasing the most exigent art critic.

Al Tal’s creations are a culmination of her authentic, mystical and spiritual inner world along with her internal experiences that are brought to life through her skills in various art mediums starting with theater, film making, sculpting and ceramics .
Her journey into sculpture, calligraphy and ceramics was a natural continuity and a fluid part of her creative trip. It is through ceramics that the ancient soul of clay and calligraphy is revived and allowed to vibrate again with renewed life in a postmodern era.

Her sculptural work is a striking combination of unusual complexity; perfectly molded into minimalistic organic shapes.
Al Tal lives between France and Jordan

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1994 Performing Arts Center, City, Amman, Jordan – Certificate in Drama
1996 Lyon University, Lyon, France – French Diploma
1993 B.A., University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan – Bachelor of Arts: Psychology and Political Science


2023 Appearance, XVA Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2015 Dimension of Civilization, Yinchuan Museum Of Contemporary Art, Yinchuan, China
2013 70 years of Contemporary Jordanian Art, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts
2013 Eva, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts
2013 VISIBLE DIFFERENCES, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts
2012 Artist of the month, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts
2009 Environmental Themes Sculpture Exhibition, Dubai, UAE
2008 Asian Contemporary Art Fair, New York, USA
2008 Clay Sculpture Exhibition, Muscat, Oman
2007 “Dar Al Ataa” Fundraiser Exhibition, Muscat, Oman
2006 Clay Figurine Sculpture Exhibition, Amman, Jordan
2006 “Doctors without Borders” Fundraiser Art Exhibition, Dubai, UAE
2004 Sculpture Exhibition at XVA Gallery, Dubai, UAE