Akim Monet



Born in 1968, Swiss, Lives in Berlin, Germany


1985 -1990 Cornell University, NY Bachelor of Arts (Comp. Lit. & Art History)

Solo Exhibitions

2014 Seeking Al-Tawhid in Andalucia, XVA Gallery, Dubai
2013 Seeking Al-Tawhid in Andalucia, JAMM Gallery, Kuwait
2009 Rodin – A photographic engagement, Atelier Akim, Berlin, Germany
2005 Pergamon, Galerie du XXe Siècle, Paris, France
2004 Akim Monet – Hommage à Gaudi, Maruani & Noirhomme Gallery, Belgium
2004 Hommage à Gaudi 5, rue de la Muse, Geneva, Switzerland
2003 Passage to India, Muestra 2 – Art Fair, Mexico City – Carosso Fine Art, NYC
2003 The Space Between, Book presentation sponsored by Collection Deutsche
Bank benefit sale for « Free Arts for Abused Children, NYC »
2002 Passage to India, Carosso Fine Art, New York, USA

Photographic Projects

2014 Homage Rebrandt Bugatti, Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin (Germany)
2010 Life in Death – the Catacombs, Palermo, (Italy)
2009 Rodin – a photographic engagement, Musée Rodin, Paris (France)
2006 Seeking Al Tawhid, Andalucia (Spain)
Corrida La Goyesca, Ronda (Spain)
In the Vatican Gardens, Rome (Italy)
2004 Villa Adriana, Tivoli (Italy)
Pergamon, Berlin (Germany)
The Caves – a meditation, Vallorbe (Switzerland)
2001 Exotic Flowers, Bali (Indonesia) & NYC
2000 Homage to Gaudi, Barcelona (Spain)
1992 Passage to India, Countrywide (India)

Corporate Collections

2013 Gatehouse Bank, London
2004 Deutsche Bank Collection, Frankfurt
– Trading Floor, 60 Wall Street, New York

Artist Residency

2005 University of Maine School of Fine Arts – Department of New Media


2005 Hilarie M. Sheets, Pergamon, Exhibition catalogue, Paris
2003 Andres Serrano, Akim Monet, Hilarie M. Sheets, The space between, New
York: Infinite Point Press