I Hate My Friends
Artists: Charlotte de Bekker, Nino Cricco, Shakhbout Al Kaabi, Nikolai Kozak &
Agustina Zegers     Curator: Grace Hauser

September 20 - October 9, 2014


A group exhibition featuring the works of Charlotte de Bekker, Nino Cricco, Shakhbout Al Kaabi, Nikolai Kozak & Agustina Zegers and curated by Grace Hauser.

This September, XVA gallery is hosting a group of five artists. Having met at NYU Abu Dhabi the artistshave an extensive range of skills, talents and academic fields; spanning from political science, to film and new media, to art history. Added to this is a vast variety in their cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, and nationalities. All these components have come together as five individual artistic concepts, which together explore the intricate relationship between memory and identity.

The idea of the exhibition was born as the group of friends brainstormed an innovative way of presenting their artwork. What was essential for the artists is that the exhibition was focused on and around the notion of conceptual art and trespassing beyond the guidelines and conventions of what one might normally expect to experience in an art gallery. As Sol Lewitt defines, 'When an artist uses a conceptual form of art, it means that all of the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair.

The art shown in 'I Hate My Friends' is of much greater depth than what initially meets the eye. The artists have spent a great deal of time exploring and imagining conceived concepts before they actually went about creating tangible artwork. Much more is to be said about the process of the artist journey rather than the art piece itself.