To The Moon

A group exhibition curated by Maitha Demithan, featuring Ania Sikora, Colleen Quigley, Cristiana De Marchi, Debjani Bhardwaj, Desislava Stoykova, Janet Bellotto, Joshua Watts, Nivi Saha, Omar Al Arti, Sara Naim, Shamma Al Amri, Steffan Messam, Wafa Hasher.

15 March - 13 April 2012 - XVA ANNEX BASTAKIYA


"Can you imagine life without the moon?

Traditionally, the moon has always been a symbol of love, beauty, death and re-birth. It takes her place as the counter part to the sun- energy and a giver of light; powerful but also a symbol of subtlety. The moon has represented a variety of meanings for different people. The fact that the same symbols and symbolic meanings appear in some cultures might suggest that humanity possesses a 'collective unconciousness' and a journey into the moon's significance in our lives today."

Maitha Demithan, December 2011