Adopting its title from the infamous phrase 'the media is the massage', Imran Channa’s solo exhibition celebrates the tragic yet beautiful history of Pakistan on paper. 
Embedding personal and collective memories about his country, Channa sends messages about Pakistan’s rich and dense culture and history which is so often forgotten by modern media. Building upon his previous work that features characters from the book of Mughal history, Badshahnama, the artist continues to examine numerous aspects of Pakistani heritage. This includes its icons and traditions, many of which are rapidly disappearing from his fellow citizens' contemporary consciousness.

Compressing time and motion onto a single plane, the artist’s large-scale abstract pencil drawings resemble landscapes experienced as though driving past them in a fast moving vehicle. The distinctions between objects and time are blurred, drawing our attention to the speed of time passing. His work is a conscious act of slowing down history as it evolves, elongating the continuum of Becoming. Yet in the end, the artist suggests that all is left is the memory.